Why won't Amazon release Kindle sales figure? (Jeff Bertolucci of PCWorld enlightens us)

From an interesting article by Jeff Bertolucci of PCWorld this morning on the Kindle marketing strategy and why Amazon has been less than forthcoming about exactly how many Kindle devices have been sold:
Amazon's Kindle strategy is to distribute digital content (e.g., e-books) to a wide range of devices from multiple vendors and on multiple platforms, including Apple's iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch, Android smartphones and (very soon) tablets, and Mac and Windows PCs...Perhaps Kindle hardware sales stats aren't all that relevant, particularly since Amazon's e-book strategy appears to be working. Still, it'd be nice to see some numbers alongside those "fastest-selling ever" claims.
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I've recently upgraded to Samsung's new Android-platform smartphone, and one of the things I'm really enjoying is how it automatically syncs with my Kindle reading. Whichever one I happen to pick up, I'm right there, no muss, so fuss. So whether or not I happen to have my Kindle handy, I can keep right on enjoying Mylene Dressler's THE DEADWOOD BEETLE. :)

Loving the book, Mylene!

And Amazon's really onto something here. People don't need/want a bunch of bells and whistles in a reader. (We read to escape these ubiquitous distractions, don't we?) We just want to dive into a good story and not come up for air.

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