And at the end, he should have decked him . . .

So funny, it's almost painful.


Or at the very least, lifted his leg!

ROFL! Thanks for sharing!
jeanna Thornton said…
OMGosh!!! I am not alone! Funny scripts are made from the same thing that plaques my life...dinner parties, family *get-to-gathers and harass the writer*...LOVE THIS!!!!jink
I knew you would, Jink, although let me guess--you winced, too, right? A friend of mine got so tired of answering the "when are you going to be finished" question on facebook that she now just replies with this. It's hilarious--she has it where it says about me on the bio page. She's going through query hell right now as I go through final push hell, so we've been commiserating.

And Colleen, ha ha ha ha. Yes, lifted his leg indeed!
And what do you want to bet that the writers for that show have at some point attempted novels?

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