For the :( Files: Oprah picks...urg, I can't even say it.

Well, according to PW, it's Officially Official. Oprah's new book club selection is Freedom by Jonathan Franzen, the guy who insulted her and pretty much all women readers by voicing his disdain when she picked his novel The Corrections. So apparently, Franzen is completely accurate in his portrayal of all women as doormats who worship dull, passive-aggressive men for their obvious intellectual superiority. My failure to become an alcoholic doesn't fit in with his brilliantly incisive view of suburban moms, so I'm headed for Specks right now, hoping for a sale on limoncello. Would someone please hit me in the face with a shovel? I promise I'll still love you.

In case you missed it, reprising Ron Charles' video review of Freedom.


Suzan Harden said…
Could you pick me up a bottle of vanilla vodka while you're at Spec's, Joni? The largest size they have,please.
Would be inclined to be more tolerant if he hadn't knocked me farther down the Kindle bestseller list.

Thanks a bunch, there, Oprah. ;)

Seriously, it was fun while it lasted!
Mylène said…
I was dumbfounded when I heard about Oprah's pick. If ANYONE in this country can so NO to anything she wants to, it's this woman. And she feeds the hand that bit her? Bizarre.

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