If only writers were celebrated like football teams . . .

I'm not a huge fan of college football, or really of any football, but I had to interrupt my Saturday writing session to wipe off tears of pride when I heard that my alma mater, James Madison University, had beaten #13 Virginia Tech, in what is definitely the biggest moment in JMU sports history. To put it in perspective: JMU is a smallish school, Tech was a 32.5 point favorite, and the win apparently could call into question both Boise State and VA Tech's title chances. It also helps that Tech and Madison are only a little over an hour's drive apart, and that for years Tech has bragged that they would never be defeated by a school "the likes of William and Mary." What it all adds up to is a humbling loss for Tech and the beginning of a new era for Madison, who is trying to become known as a major national player academically rather than the regional liberal arts school it was when I was there.

Plus, beating Tech is just fun--as this video attests. Catch some of the enthusiasm and ride the purple wave into your writing week. Now I'm going to dry the tears and get back to work. ;)


And a nice little trivia bit--the dorm you see when the guys run out into the middle area was the dorm I lived in for two years. (The three-story one facing the guys when they run out of their dorm) It was always pretty funny that they put the honors dorm right across from the "jock" dorm, but somehow I don't think yesterday people would have minded.

I'm feeling quite nostalgic now. And I'll do a real writing related post tomorrow--I PROMISE. ;)
rrcnva said…
I give begrudging congrats. I went to Mary Baldwin but my husband is a Hokie. Needless to say - we are in shock!
Wow, didn't know there were so many Virginians here! And sorry to you. Just remember, your husband will have it the next 50 years, so it'll be okay.

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