In fairness, let's not overlook Ron Charles' hilarious beat-down of Jonathan Franzen's "Freedom"

Even funnier than the Gruen beat-down, without the guilt, because...well, you know. It's Franzen.


Gimme five, Ron. You've managed to make literary book-nerddom cool. Okay, well maybe not cool, but seriously entertaining. Loved it!

Will be passing on FREEDOM, though, in favor of some genre-rific, hero's journey thrill-fest. Science fiction space opera's sounding fun about now.
Mylène said…
Go, Ron--the Alton Brown of Books!
Joni Rodgers said…
I read the Kindle sample, and it's like the guy says. Franzen is such a brilliant kills a little piece of my soul that his hubris and assholitry prevent him from depicting women, marriage and suburban life in a way that would ring true.

Open invitation to JF: Come live in my guest room in the Houston suburbs for a month. Let me feed you and show you what a good mom is. Do the daily crossword with me and my spouse of 27 years (today!) and meet my salt of the Earth neighbors and family. Then use your brilliance to write a book that matters.

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