Thursday, September 16, 2010

Plug of the Day . . . for a Truly Amazing Retreat

Dear friends, thanks for indulging me as I share some lovely news.  I am launching a beautiful writing retreatin southern Utah called River of Words.  It's the fruit of many months of work and preparation, and was born from a simple concept: that it would be absolutely wonderful to create a truly extraordinary retreat for writers that is part workshop, part luxury spa vacation, part get-back-to-the-earth and ALL get-back-to-yourself.  I hope you'll drop by the retreat's website for more details.  It would be wonderufl to see you here.  For now, here's a bit from the site itself:

With The River of Words Retreat, I am for the first time, my friends, sharing my beautiful corner of the world with you.  For the last decade, glorious Moab, Utah is where I have come to write my books, seek inspiration, and marvel at the wonders of the High Desert.  I'd love for you to join me for this unique, three-day writing workshop at the luxurious Sorrel River Ranch, where together we'll unleash the creative power of our experiences, tap into the rich resources of our lives and expand our ability to see the world, and to write what we see in it. Whether you long for time to journal more deeply, to work on a memoir or family history, or to tell the story that's been waiting locked inside you, River of Words will help you release your creative power.  Nestled in luxury along the Colorado River in the ideal weather of a desert spring, we'll write together, make time for solitude and quiet reflection, take walks along the water's edge and under the spires of the canyons, and create space for our souls to breathe and be.

Dates: May 12-16, 2011

The retreat package includes:

*Shuttle transport from the Grand Junction, Colorado airport and to all of our destinations for the weekend;

*A luxurious mountain or river view room for four nights;

*Continental breakfast each morning;

*Three days (ten hours) of morning or early afternoon workshops;

*Optional evening readings for those who wish to share more of their work

*Plenty of free time to write and to enjoy the Ranch's spa, wellness and outdoor amenities;

*Workshop lunch on Friday and box lunch on Saturday;

*A guided walk of spectacular Fisher Towers;

*A guided driving tour of Arches National Park;

*A River Deck Dinner on Sunday to celebrate the close of our time together and the shared gift of our creative journey;

*Shuttle return to Grand Junction, Colorado airport.

Please note that space is limited to 12 guests for this retreat; early reservation is highly recommended.  Inclusive prices (including all taxes and gratuities) begin at $1600 for a shared mountain view room; wonderful options (Morning Yoga By the River, Massage By the River) can be added at your request.

Contact me for registration information, a full agenda/schedule, and more details about this truly spectacular place.  And please feel free to share this news with a writing partner or friend.  We will be gathering as a community of kindred octopi warriors, along the river.

May we meet soon for an unforgettable, beautiful experience!



Colleen Thompson said...

As I mentioned before, I am drooling like mad! Looks lovely, and knowing you, it will be an amazing experience for those lucky enough to attend!

jeanna Thornton said...

Ahhhhh!!! I can't wait!!! So looking forward to this! jeanna

Renaissance Woman said...

I live in Salt Lake City and would LOVE to join your group. I'm in the midst of writing my memoir and need this type of setting to catapult me through it. Can I meet you there? It's a 5-hr drive for me. Send me a price quote without the air, please, if you still have space available.


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