Ron Charles' hilarious (but not kind) review of Sara Gruen's "Ape House"

I wanted to hate Ron Charles' video review of Ape House, because I love Sara Gruen. Alas, our totally hip video book reviewer was just too funny.

I have to say here, I read the sample on Kindle last night and bought the book. I thought it was terrific, and if you read Water for Elephants, you know what a fabulous writer she is. Ron's saying it falls apart halfway through, and he blames the editor, but I'm going to give this book the benefit of the doubt. If I end up hating it, I'll keep that to myself, but if I love it, I'll shout it wherever I can. Gruen's going to need all the help she can get overcoming this harsh (but virally funny) review.


ROFL! That was hysterical - especially the line about video reviews of literary novels saving the American newspaper.

I loved Water for Elephants. But I have to admit, apes and monkeys sort of creep me out. Still, I wish Sara Gruen all the best. She's a very talented author, and I can't imagine (though I'd sort of like to) how tough it would be to live up to the expectations for a $5M book!
Mylène said…
I've read the bad reviews and am staying away--and can also recommend a very good novel by Debbie Lee Wesselmann called "Captivity," also on the subject of apes and languages. In fact, "Ape House" sounds as though it were cribbed from "Captivity," which came out two years ago with a small press.

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