How Badly Do You Want It?

It's so easy to put other things first. The bills that must be paid, the home that must be tended, the loved ones who strive to squeeze from us every last drop of attention.

Every one of these is worthy, every one of them important. But if you sincerely, desperately want to make it as a writer, if your soul is starving to share your stories with the greater world, you're going to have to look at your priorities. You're going to have to make your writing the rock in the stream, the one immovable object around which the rest of life must flow.

Half-hearted efforts will not serve you, nor will constantly looking over your shoulder for permission or approval. You have to want it more than that. Have to need it to be fully realized as a person. And you have to have the courage to claim it for yourself.

Does that scare you? Maybe it should. Are you up for it? It's your choice. No one else will make it for you. No one ever can.


Saranna DeWylde said…
No kidding. It seems like there's always something that wants to get in the way and then there are the more quiet distractions that aren't as obvious like internet time sucks...
Suzan Harden said…
How badly do I want it? Not as badly as I want the coffee Haagen Daaz sitting in the freezer when I should be working on my pitch for this Saturday's agent appointment.

Word ver.: watch

Colleen said…
LOL, Suzan. Best of luck with your pitch this weekend!

And Saranna, I can so relate on the Internet time sucks. They're everywhere... and so very shiny!
This is a fantastic post. Lately I've been thinking a lot about what I will and will not sacrifice for my writing. I think that while it's important to figure out what we will sacrifice, it's also important to figure out what we won't. For me the hardest things to sacrifice haven't been the silly time-wasters as much as the hard-core commitments to church and family. At this point, I have to think in terms of energy in and energy out, and since writing for me is a bit of both (although more energy out, I think), it stays, while a lot of other "important" things have had to go. But it's hard. And it's especially hard when people accuse you of being selfish to meet your own destiny.
I can so relate, Kathryn. I get sucked into time-traps all the time! Good luck sorting them out!

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