Read, Write, Hope!

Read, Write, Hope!
In an entry on her blog, (July 7, 2010 - The Road to Publication: Persistence Counts) Michelle Hoover, author of the lovely debut novel, THE QUICKENING, (see earlier review - this blog - September 14, 2010) has created a gift of hope for anyone who has ever struggled to grow an idea from a handful of words or pages into a full-blown novel. She began the story when she was 23, and only now, when she is 38, is it published. She stopped and started. She wrote other things; she also teaches writing, but all the while her original idea was simmering in her mind. And when she finally returned to it, the story went through many incarnations, gained and lost characters and narrators. But ultimately she persisted; she wrote and rewrote in faith and, perhaps at times, in doubt, but here and now, after all the years of work, she has captured the book sale and growing success. The story is beautifully told; her own journey writing it is inspiring. As she herself so aptly puts it: “Creative exhaustion and completion are not equivalent.”

Some stories just refuse to remain on a shelf.

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Michelle Hoover said…
So happy you found the post helpful! I hope others do so too. Keep writing!

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