The Relationship between Vulnerability and Wholeheartedness: A "researcher storyteller" speaks

I love many parts of this talk by Brene Brown, but one of my favorite moments is right at the beginning, when she tells a story about being invited to speak and being called a "storyteller." Her reaction is priceless. Also wonderful is what she's found about the relationship between shame, vulnerability and wholeheartedness. In a nutshell, she found that the most "wholehearted" people are able to lean into their discomfort, to embrace and operate from their vulnerability. And isn't that what we do, every day, as writers?

Like most of the TED talks, it's 20 minutes, but it's worth it.


jeanna Thornton said…
Kath, I am perfectly blown away...vunerability is my mantra. Courage is my this!!! j.
Ha, Jeanna, or do you mean you are "imperfectly" blown away? ;)

I love it too; it's been part of my process as I head from what I thought was a certain career in academia into this Wild West and woolly world of publishing.

Still can't get past the shame, though. Still working on that.

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