To All Those Who Plan to Write Their Book Someday When They Get Time

Um, you might want to get a jump on that and start NOW because the writing, revising, and sale of a book (that you didn't pay to publish) is precisely THIS complex.

Thanks to OK Go for the outstanding Rube Goldberg-style illustration! You really have to see this amazing video to believe it!


Saranna DeWylde said…
Yeah, that actually bothers me when people say "Oh, I was going to write a book, but I don't have time." As if that's all it takes to produce a marketable work is time.

Good video though, lots of fun.
Colleen said…
That's an eye-roller for me, too, Saranna, but I do understand people like to daydream. In my mind, I still play sax onstage with Springsteen and do circus tricks standing on the back of a white horse.

Although I gotta tell you, I wouldn't go boasting how I'm going to do this someday to a real musician or equestrian acrobat. I may make up stories for a living, but I do know the difference between fantasy and real life.

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