Why Writers Wish we Had Han Solos--and Why it's Probably Good we Don't

Sometimes, as a writer, don't you wish you had a Han Solo at your back? "You're all clear, kid. Now let's blow this thing and go home!" The thing is, in our artist journeys, we have to be both the hero and the sidekick, both the Luke and the Han. We can help each other out, but in the end, there's no one but us who can shoot those bad boys down. Still--it's sometimes nice to dream . . .


Saranna DeWylde said…
I always wish I had a Han Solo, but probably not for that reason. *grin* Although, it would be nice.
LOL, you wish you had Han and I wish I had a Dr. Who, David Tennant version. Neither will happen, but isn't it pretty to think so? ;)
Oh, and I was totally in love with Luke as a kid, and was genuinely crushed when someone told me (at Sunday school, no less)that they'd seen Return of the Jedi and Luke and Leia were actually brother and sister. As a young'un, I completely missed the Carrie Fisher/Harrison Ford chemistry, which is funny, because it's so clearly there to me now.

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