Bajo, Edwige and the Luchadors

Thanks, Joni, for interviewing David Bajo. I think Panopticon is a mesmerizing novel about several kinds of borderland. In addition to its real substance (which is clear in the interview) and its brilliantly turning eyes on the world we live in, the novel abounds in pop cultural references.

Which leads me to this confession: While working to bring Panopticon into print (I was its editor), I found myself dipping into the adventures of Blue Demon and Santo. Great fun.

And, of course, I used the book as an excuse to watch old Edwige Fenech gallos (Italian bedroom farces from the days when a mainstream movie-maker could first show bare breasts with impunity).

And then there were the "thrillers". I wanted to screen The Case of the Bloody Iris [nudity alert] on a silent loop in our booth at Book Expo this spring, but I figured I'd be run out of the Javits Center.

If I'd had a booth at Frankfurt, though....


Joni Rodgers said…
Actually, thanks go (and I meant to say so but forgot like a thoughtless marmot) to Nashville PR diva Caitlin Hamilton Summie.

And I think more people would attend BookExpo if there was silently looped nudity involved.

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