Buy This Book: Happiness in a Storm by Wendy Schlessel Harpham, MD

On her blog this weekend, physician, lymphoma survivor, and bestselling author Dr. Wendy Harpham marks the 20th anniversary of her cancer diagnosis and takes a moment to ask "Why me?" -- but not the way you think. Wendy says:
I feel humbled by the great mystery of my survivorship. In the course of my 20-years-and-still-counting journey, I've lost friends and family -- many of whom were diagnosed after me. I can only wonder why Wendy Schlessel Harpham is still walking, talking, writing, speaking, eating, loving Why me?
Wendy's first two books (published at exactly the moment I needed them) take survivors by the hand, addressing the hard information that needs to be dealt with in an accessible Q&A format. Both Diagnosis: Cancer: Your Guide to the First Months of Healthy Survivorship, Expanded and Revised Edition and After Cancer: A Guide to Your New Life were tremendously helpful to me and my family. But my favorite of Dr. Wendy's books is Happiness in a Storm: Facing Illness and Embracing Life as a Healthy Survivor. Oddly enough, this is one of the books that helped me cope with the slings and arrows that come with life in the publishing industry, because it's about letting go of the mindset that mires in "it's not fair!" and embracing a mindset that laughs and loves life for what it is: a hot mess.


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