#BuyThisBook: "Resilience" by Elizabeth Edwards (plus The Rose founder Dorothy Gibbons on the importance of early breast cancer detection)

If anyone in recent history has personified the idiom "grace under pressure", it's Elizabeth Edwards. I agree with the Los Angeles Times assessment of this book: “Short but surprisingly deep…It's a small book but a powerful one."

Elizabeth's death last weekend should also be a jolting reminder to all women of a certain age. She told an interviewer last year that she was too busy to get a mammogram. With the amazing advances in imaging and treatment, breast cancer detected at its earliest stage is 95% curable.

The Rose is a wonderful organization that provides breast cancer screening and treatment to women regardless of their ability to pay. Founder and CEO Dorothy Westin Gibbons talks about the Rose, the realities of the mammogram, and the importance of early detection:


Colleen said…
Congratulations to Ms. Gibbons.

And yesterday, I went for my overdue mammogram. Thanks, Elizabeth Edwards, for speaking out to remind women why it's so important to make the time.

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