Silencing the Noise

The carols fall quiet. The merrymaking crowds disperse. The batteries are all inserted and the devices charged.

I switch off every one of them and vanish into creamy pages. (This year's choice, Jim Gorant's THE LOST DOGS: Michael Vick's Dogs and Their Tale of Rescue and Redemption was an outstanding choice, fascinating and involving on many levels. The kind of book that serves up an education in irresistibly-engaging nuggets. And, thank goodness, a dog book whose ending didn't leave me weeping.)

Late in the night, I close the cover. I feel the rhythm of my breaths, the strong thump of my heartbeat, the quiet space opening inside me.

It is the space that in the coming days, will fill slowly with my own words, with a story only I can tell, characters I will introduce to others.

Though the computer is my virtual notebook, that space remains unplugged today as the writer in me reclaims her space, her time, her balance.


I like this very much, Colleen. And thank you for the gentle reminder that we, like our devices, need time to recharge.

Word verification: fiscal (is this a sign? ;) )
Barbara Sissel said…
Loved this post, Colleen. The imagery is wonderful. Makes me want to tuck up with a good book myself. And it reminds me that regardless of how we choose to do it, it's important to make time to read.

A pox on fiscal, Kathryn!
Mylène said…

And I will spread the word about this book. I have so many dog-loving friends.
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