So you've discovered that you're a fictional character . . .

In one of my facebook breaks between writing and grading papers, I found this article from the fabulous people at Too funny, way too funny. Check it out:

Realizing you're a character in a work of fiction can be startling. At the moment, you probably feel like you're trapped in an elevator that's in freefall, and your mind has somehow hit the ground before the rest of your body.

What you're going through is completely natural for someone in your uniquely regrettable situation. Believe it or not there's a lighter side to be found in all the existential blackness you're feeling at the moment.

Read the rest here. And while you're at it, you tell me: what fictional universe do you think you're trapped in?? Who is your author?


Colleen said…
This reminds me, I've received a number of e-mails from readers either excited, amused, or angry to realize they share a name with one of my novels' characters. I've occasionally received demands that I explain how I came up with the name. (Sometimes they pop into my head. Other times, I use random surname and Social Security baby name databases and put them together as best as I can.)

Ironically, I also hear from readers who think they're writing to other Colleen Thompsons (several of whom who write one thing or another.) Very few names are absolutely unique. So don't be surprised to find you have a fictional doppleganger somewhere.

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