Comparison shopping for eReaders

If you're on the fence about an e-reader purchase, here's a great device comparison chart. I was surprised to see this on the website of new kid on the block, Kobo, because (not surprisingly) Kindle pretty much comes out on top when you lay it out like this.

I have a Kindle and a Nook, and I love them both. (My Kindle has a cool Van Gogh skin and my Nook sports a trendy Jonathan Adler shuck.)


Colleen said…
Though I still love and buy plenty of dead-tree books, I'm definitely happy with my Kindle 2. Kind of wish I'd held out for the 3, though, since the print is even crisper and my beleaguered eyes are getting pitiful. But at least with the Kindle I can up the font size, something I often wish I could do while reading mass market pbs.
Edana said…
I love my nook! And the chart completely leaves off the nook's ability to lend books to other nooks, which I'm pretty sure none of the others can do. Now I just need to meet other people with nooks...
Oh, I haven't told you all! Mark bought me a Kindle 2 for Christmas! It's so funny--I've made a complete 180 degree turn around.

Mark's only complaint? "Since you've had this, you've bought way too many books." :)

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