Hey, 2011! Ready to rock some sweet Dostoyevsky? (Get your Russian on with Project D)

Okay, even when you phrase it that way, it still sounds terribly Russian and you can feel the jackboot of that angry nun who taught your 400 level lit class, but seriously, this could be fun! After I saw The Last Station last year, I went on a thoroughly enjoyable Tolstoy binge, so I immediately felt the call when I saw Dennis Abrams' plans for Project D, a year of communal Dostoyevsky reading.

Nutshelling it on the Project D blog:
We’ll start off with Crime and Punishment, where we’ll we explore the soul of Raskolnikov, a young man who believes that he has a moral right to commit crimes in the name of humanity. We’ll follow this with Demons, which biographer and critic Joseph Frank calls “still the best ever written about a revolutionary conspiracy.” After that, in The Idiot, we explore the struggle between “goodness” and “the world.” And then finally, we’ll dive into Dostoevsky’s masterpiece (and one of the true masterpieces of Western literature) – The Brothers Karamazov, where the master struggles with, among other things, the question that has long haunted man: “How can a God of love have created a world in which evil exists?”
Check it out and look for the ever-insightful Abrams on Publishing Perspectives.


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