An Interview With Author Carol Cassella

In her interview for Author MagazineCarol Cassella, author of Healer and the national bestseller, Oxygen, talks about perseverance and the discipline that the work of writing requires. Given that she has two sets of twins and that she’s also a currently practicing anesthesiologist, she knows a thing or two (or 4!) about these very concrete subjects. But she also knows a lot about the less easily defined matter of the heart that goes into writing (and her work as an anesthesiologist) and that’s what makes her novels so irresistible. It’s through the heart that she hooks you and draws you into her stories. Because you care and when you care, you can’t stop reading and that is exactly the effect an author wants . . . writing that is so compelling the reader can’t put the book down. She mentions something about leaving space for the reader. It’s very interesting. Like her novels. Have a look and I think you’ll see. . . .

A portion of the interview is included here, but for the entire interview, go to the Author Magazine website here.

You’ll find the rest of Carol’s interview plus lots of other great stuff for writers. It’s worth the visit.


Holy cow! If Casella can time find to write, that blows everyone's excuses out of the water! TWO sets of twins! Wow. My hat's off to her.
Jeanna Thornton said…
This author doesn't seem to have trouble juggling...;)) My hat is off to her...writing through the heart!
Mylène said…
Thanks for this--nice to be introduced to an author I'm not familiar with. Now please excuse me while I loaf around in my childless house and find reasons not to write.
Barbara Sissel said…
Oh, Mylène. Your comment tickled me!

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