More XtraNormal fun--and why do I so relate?

Warning: Language. And this isn't nearly as salty as some of them. The only problem here is that at many places the relationship is often reversed, and it's this guy who's the professor. Either way, though, this tongue in cheek (and dare I say a wee bit bitter) satire points out some of the problems with the process.


The one called "What English Professors Talk About" is good too--except that it sort of gave me flashbacks. Ahhhhh, it burns! ;)
And sorry about that last line. I almost didn't post this because of it, but I thought the rest was too good.
Anonymous said…
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Suzan Harden said…
Actually, I think the spam ad in the comments sums up your point nicely. *grin*

And don't worry about offending people. I do it all the time, and the world hasn't ended.

But my behavior might explain global warming.

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