Ray Bradbury on craft, persistence and rejection (Brilliant but be warned...he's wearing shorts.)


Jeanna Thornton said…
very entertaining...kept waiting for *spillage*! :)))
Terrific commentary. I love what he has to say about the best fiction having a personal aspect and the way these prolific ideas of his were finally matched by craft. Because of practice, practice, practice.
Janet Little said…
Interesting how well he seems to be doing on a diet of Coors and butter. I loved his words on the arrogance of youth- so that's what that's in our dna for- sort of like rocket fuel, to get us going.
I had a prof once who wore short running shorts to class with NO UNDERWEAR. It was a seminar class, where we all sat very closely together, and it made all of us so uncomfortable. Hard to focus with that, but this was great!
Suzan Harden said…
Damn, I wish my legs looked half as good as his.

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