Ask the Publicist: How Can I Get Marketing Dollars From My Publisher

How do you get a marketing and PR budget from your publisher? Does getting blood from a stone ring a bell? While publishers who believe that each book merits their best efforts still exist, they are an endangered species. So unless you are one of the very very lucky few, your "marketing" budget will consist of nothing more than a review mailing ......even if your book begins to sell.

The harsh reality for most authors is that the minute your beloved book hits pub date, you'll be tossed overboard to make room for the next author who will soon find themselves heaved over the side. Which begs the question: is there another business that routinely produces product it has no intention of marketing? Insane.

So what's an author to do? Obviously, hiring a publicist is the first option, but that's not viable for everyone nor is it a wise choice for every book. Which brings me to sharing .... and my next post. So read on.


Joni Rodgers said…
That's always the big question, isn't it? People assume that the celeb books get a huge PR budget, but having worked on several celeb books, I can tell you, that's seldom the case. Celebs are expected to bust out more hustle than anyone.

I think key to working well with the PR dept at your publisher is gratitude for what you do get. Because they really are doing everything they can. It took me a few books to learn that, and I now feel quite chagrined about my newbie behavior.

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