"The King's Other Speech": Shake off the Oscarfail with a hilarious bit from McSweeney's

Lord, I love to laugh on Monday. Check out The King's Other Speech on McSweeney's Internet Tendencies...
Hello. Again. England. Sorry. About. The dramatic. Pauses. Geoffrey. Rush. Is. Staring. Into. One's. Microphone.

One year into the German onslaught, one is gratified to say that one's country is still pulling together rather onesomely. One's wife is thanked warmly by the majority of Londoners as she tiptoes through the rubble bestowing toffees upon them. A few rotters in the East End apparently took offense at that marvelous woman's finery, and caused a scene. Steady on, fellows! One doesn't pass judgment on your rags even though Lord Hawsley from the Unflappably Chipper Office says the Germans are leading on the sartorial front. (But not to worry!) One would accompany one's wife on these "appearances" only one finds the whole thing positively loathsome and demeaning. Cheering crowds are all very well for the PM but an English monarch prefers the company of animals.
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