Calling all Writers of Short Fiction . . .

This contest, sponsored by The Texas Observer, could be a great opportunity. Limit is 2500 words, guest judge is none other than Larry McMurtry. Deadline: May 1. Entry Fee: $25. (For an extra $10, you can get your story critiqued by fiction editor David Duhr)

Good luck! (And why does the mere mention of McMurtry's name make me want to go back and reread Lonesome Dove?)


Suzan Harden said…
Because it's a freakin' great book, Kathryn.

(And one of the few Pulitzer winners I've read where I don't need a dictionary, a psychologist, and a masters degree to understand.)
Colleen said…
I recently reread it myself. *Love* that book.

Also recommended: John Graves GOODBYE TO A RIVER, an amazing memoir that inspired McMurtry with its detail on Texas history. Love it.
"A dictionary, a psychologist, and a master's degree to understand." ha ha ha ha ha how true is that! I love Michael Cunningham's The Hours, too, but that's another one where you kind of DO have to have an understanding of Virginia Woolf's style in order to appreciate the stream of consciousness of the prose. I prefer accessible greatness. :)

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