Go Ahead, I Dare You: Across the Universe by Beth Revis

Part science fiction, part murder mystery, part social commentary, seasoned with a fascinating coming-of-age romance, Across the Universe grabbed me from the first lines, which Amazon.com makes annoyingly easy to click onto.

Go ahead, I dare you, and click through and read the sample chapter, where Amy and her parents are prepped for the cryogenic process meant to freeze them for a 300-year pioneering mission. Harrowing and emotional, it's unforgettable. And I can almost guarantee you'll order this if you take that first precipitous step.

And for the record, I'm not recommending this because I know the author (I don't) or somebody sent me a free copy for review (I plunked down my own $). I'm recommending because I friend sent me to read that sample chapter, and I absolutely couldn't rest until I had the book (wow! in hardcover for only $10.59) in my hot little hands and finished it the same night it arrived.


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