Blood sport! Blacklisting! Sex with sheep! It's the wild and crazy world of the American Poets Laureate!

National Poetry Month starts Friday, and Jerusha has been deeply engrossed (occasional emphasis on "gross") in The Poets Laureate Anthology, preparing a daily dollop of wild wordplay and elbow-patched mayhem! (Not kidding about the sheep.) Watch this space every morning, and by the end of April, you will have inhaled a terrific (and completely painless) overview of the American Poets Laureate.

If you don't have a copy of The Poets Laureate Anthology on your reference shelf, buy one!

(It's a busy month for J'ru; she's also captain of Sam Houston State University's Relay For Life team at Starbuck's. Help a gal out and support the amazing work done by the American Cancer Society!)


Welcome to the blog, Jerusha! Can't wait to read your excerpts.

Just popped over and signed on for a bite-sized sponsorship for your relay team, too. Great cause!
Joni Rodgers said…
Colleeny, you're such a good egg. Thanks for supporting the American Cancer Society!

I have to say, I'm jazzed about this Poet Laureate thing. There's so much more to it than I imagined! After PR diva Caitlin Hamilton Summie sent me a review copy of the LOC anthology, J'ru promptly seized both the book and the opportunity to do this NaPoMo celebration. The conversations we've had about it have me completely fascinated and looking forward to hearing more.
Welcome, Jerusha! I too can't wait to read the excerpts and hear your voice. I'm particularly interested in what you think about your generation and poetry. We talk all the time on this blog about where we all think the novel is going, and how epublishing is affecting the various subgenres of fiction, but what about poetry? This could be a fascinating discussion!

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