Which States Are Having a Love Affair with E-Books?

Shelf Awareness posted these intriguing stats compiled by Indie Book Distributor Smashwords.

"Have you ever wondered where the most voracious e-book readers live?" asked Mark Coker of Smashwords, who crunched his company's data to see how "the states stack up against one another" and found that the "numbers are surprising, especially when you look at per capita consumption."

Coker used the 20,000 e-books Smashwords distributes to Barnes & Noble, whose reports break down sales by state. Looking at the numbers for December through February, he then employed population data from the recent U.S. census to determine "the final, coolest numbers of them all, a normalized measure of per capita e-book consumption for each state."

His top five states for per capita e-book consumption:

North Dakota


I wonder if more rural book lovers with poor access to brick and mortar bookstores are among the heaviest buyers. Of course, we might *all* have poor access to them, the way things appear to be shaking out.
Joni Rodgers said…
I notice New York's not on that list...

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