Buy This Book: Meg Howrey's "Blind Sight" drawing buzz and big names tonight at Strand

I've been hearing a lot of talk about Meg Howrey's debut novel, Blind Sight. PW says "alternating between tricky present tense first- and third-person sections, the novel speeds along with deftly drawn characters and pitch-perfect dialogue," which definitely sounds like my kind of book. (I just popped it on my Kindle for some quality airplane time next week.)

The protagonist, 17-year-old Luke, is the result of a one-night-stand between a famous actor with a dark secret and a bohemian mama with her own hidden past. That's about all I know of the story, but I get the feeling from the very promising Kindle sample that this book is all about the character study, language and dialogue.

Meg Howrey, a former Joffrey dancer and Broadway actress, appears tonight at Strand Books on Broadway at 6:30 PM.


jenny milchman said…
Sounds great! I wonder what makes the first person sections tricky?

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