Calling all Houston-based Emerging Writers

And even some of you who aren't living in Houston. This may be short notice, but there are still spots open for the Boldface Writer's Conference at the University of Houston. The week-long conference, held May 23-28th in the M.D. Anderson library, is a great way to develop your craft and make connections with other like-minded individuals. While the original mission was to empower undergraduate creative writing majors, the focus of the conference has expanded to include any writer who is not currently in or an alumni of a graduate creative writing program.

The application deadline is May 5, so you'll need to decide quickly. If it doesn't work out for this year, consider thinking about it for the future. At $125 for the entire week and with some meals provided, it's hands down one of the best bang for the buck conferences around. For non-Houston area residents, there's limited dormstyle lodging available, for an additional weekly fee. You can also apply to have a portion of your work critiqued by a visiting writer. And for the record, I'm not involved in any way, other than as an alumni of the creative writing program, so I'm giving you my honest assessment. This is a great opportunity; emerging writers are lucky to have it. If you have any questions, you're welcome to ask me in the comments below.


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