Bald in the Land of Big Hair 10th Anniversary eEdition arriving on National Cancer Survivor's Day!

Back from Montana, which was a snowy wonderworld, and gearing up for the BLBH ebook release, which is slated for (what else?) National Cancer Survivor's Day, Sunday, June 5, 2011!

I can't believe this spring marks a milestone (if not a millstone) 10 YEARS IN PRINT for this book! I continue to get wonderful letters from readers and from high school and college students performing scenes from the book for UIL competition. Amazing. Humbling. I'm incredibly grateful to HarperCollins, Chip Kidd, Marjorie Braman, Laurie Harper, and everyone who's contributed to the continuing success of BLBH.


Congratulations! LOVE the book and the play that grew from it.
Awesome trailer for an awesome book! I loved it!
Is that Jerusha in the picture???? It HAS to be. How cute!
Joni Rodgers said…
That is J'ru! The most important measure of my survival -- my kids are ages 5 and 7 in the book. Now grown up and wonderful.

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