Like a lot of other working writers, I'm often juggling multiple creative projects at the same time. I may be researching one, writing another, and editing a third. Or, like today, I may be attempting to assuage the jittery nervefest of waiting for agent feedback on one book proposal by completing another oft-interrupted proposal.

This week, I'm having trouble with it. Though I'm very near the end of synopsis for Project B, Project A keeps distracting me with worry, second-guessing, and additional, very cool ideas. Like a jealous lover, Project B seizes on my wandering mind, points a finger, and yells, "Busted!" Then it slams the front door on its way out of my head.

(((Drat! More spam e-mail and not one from my agent!)))

Okay. Regrouping here. Because project B is right. It has the potential to be a great book, and it really does deserve my *full* attention. So for the rest of the day, I mean to woo it, to treat it as if it's the only project in the world for me. To move past this particular brand of resistance and totally pull my act together to...

(((Darn it! That ringing telephone's from a carpet-cleaning service, not my agent!)))

Now what was I saying? I'm a little distracted here this week...


Victory is mine! I now have a beginning, middle, and end that I like. Have much editing to do, but I've broken through the block at least!
Oh Lord, so you mean this agent angst will only INTENSIFY when I GET an agent???? I can barely handle it NOW!

And yay for victory! Congratulations, Colleen! (There also must be something in the air, because one of my coaching clients is struggling with juggling multiple projects right now.)
Different flavor angst, Kathryn! And a good agent alleviates more stress that he/she creates, that's for sure. I'm just breathlessly nervous about this proposal because the story's so ALIVE in my head. :)

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