Check out Aubrey Hirsch on the bravery it takes to write a first novel:

"When the despair sets in it reminds me of of being on airplane. I’ve always been a nervous flyer. I analyze every bump and whir. I hesitate to make plans when vacationing, as I never expect to make it to my destination alive. Every time I force myself down the jet-way, I am absolutely positive that I will die."

And yet she keeps flying.

Here's to our firsts.  Keep at it, my friends.



I so get this, Mylene. Writer Darin Strauss said that writing is a lot like swimming in that you have to do it every day, or nearly regularly, but he said it's different in that the Olympic swimmer doesn't go in to do her laps thinking there's a possibility she'll drown each day. Very true words, that, especially for those of us who struggle with writing anxiety.

Thanks for this post.

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