Missing RWA National Conference? It's Twitter to the Rescue!

As a long-time Romance Writers of America national conference junkie, I've been worried about skipping my first one in eleven years. And it's in New York City, which makes missing out even more painful.

While I still hate notseeing my agents, editors, and many pals and supporting my Golden Heart and RITA finalist buddies, I'm gathering valuable intel by following (or go to Twitter.com and search "#RWA11".)

Here's what I've gleaned so far:

1. Last night's literacy signing was super crowded and successful.

2. Madeline Hunter gave a wonderful, inspiring keynote earlier today. But that's no surprise. She's brilliant and always worth listening to.

3. Avon's new Impulse line for romance e-books has the same editorial input as its traditional print line. They're getting the books our more quickly and interested in the following: contemporary romance (especially with humor, according to a tweet from Senior Editor Erika Tsang), Western historical, romantic suspense, and medieval, among others. Open to all sorts of niche subgenres...and reprints.

4. Harlequin's Carina line for romance e-books is interested in the same. Plus, they're especially welcoming of science fiction romance. Carina will be sending 70% of titles to Audible for audio books, to the Harlequin book clubs, and they may also be translated and reprinted as foreign editions.

5. According to an unnamed agent, most of the publishers (including print) are now looking for straight contemporary romance. Apparently, it's back from the dead. (Yea!)

I'll be monitoring Facebook, Twitter and various blogs and posting more industry news throughout the week. If anyone has more to add, please post to the comments section.


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