Killer Nashville--a writing conference for the whole community

One thing I think that it's important to have in life is community. The Internet has facilitated the building and shaping of many communities, but sometimes we all just need to sit down together face to face and say hello. For the writing community, conferences and trade shows provide one of the easiest ways to connect more personally, and I wanted to mention one I think highly of (full disclosure: I'm helping them to spread the word about this year's event). It's called Killer Nashville, and while it has an emphasis on mystery and thriller titles, what I most love about this show is that it has opened its doors to everyone--any writer, any genre. A children's book writer attended this conference and met her agent, for instance (actually, as young as the conference is, they have a remarkable track record for connecting writers with agents and/or publishers). The conference runs on five tracks, each track about a different aspect of the writing and reading life. There is a track about the writing process, another about marketing, one for fans, etc. The conference is run by very cool people who are themselves writers.

There are other wonderful conferences, of course (I will always love Bread Loaf!) But Killer Nashville is really about community in a way I myself have not seen or heard about elsewhere. There's a spirit I admire and an openness I find refreshing. The conference is held annually in August, this year from August 26-28th.

Thanks for letting me mention it. I hope y'all will consider joining us in the celebration of all we can be and are--hoping to publish, newly published, and published for awhile, but writers all.


Joni Rodgers said…
Sounds fantastic! Looking forward to a full report after the event!

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