Buy (the Heck Out of) This Book: Christie Craig's Don't Mess With Texas

One of the nicest, most supportive, and outright funniest writers I know is Christie Craig, who's become a go-to author for those looking for a fast paced, frothy, sexy romance that will leave you laughing off the day's stresses. If you're in the mood for a romp and have enjoyed authors such as Janet Evanovich, Jennifer Cruisie, and Rachel Gibson, I highly recommend my good friend Christie's latest, Don't Mess with Texas (Grand Central, $5.99).

Or if you need a better reason, do it to support an author whose state government has zero sense of fun. You see, TX DOT, the Texas Department of Transportation, which turns out to have trademarked the phrase "Don't Mess with Texas" for an anti-litter slogan years back, has filed suit against Ms. Craig, Hatchette Publishing, and even Barnes and Noble, because they fear the (oh, the horror!) naughty bits will weaken their brand. Interestingly, I've learned there are dozens of songs (not only country, but--cue another gasp--rap), books, and products that have also made use of this phrase, which most would agree has become more of a Texas pride thing than anything to do with trash collection (or "trashy" romance, for that matter. But apparently, in this case, TXDot's felt compelled to send a message by filing suit on the book's release date (rather than, say, sending a cease and desist letter earlier or making note of the fact that book and song titles are not normally held to infringe by the courts.)

I want to send a message myself. That you don't mess with Texas romance authors, especially one of the nicest in the business. That you don't let numerous male artists and authors slide, then go after a woman writing books for women. That you don't use prudery as an excuse when you're really exploiting the sexiness quotient of this story to get out the message that you're serious about defending against trademark infringements.

Those are just a few of the reasons I'm buying myself a copy of Christie Craig's Don't Mess with Texas. But mostly I'm buying it 'cause I'm in the mood for a fun read!

To read about the lawsuit, check out this eye-rolling coverage from And the comments are pretty interesting, too!

Update: Great news! A Texas judge rules sales of Christie Craig's #DON'TMESSWITHTEXAS can't be blocked.


Vicky Dreiling said…
I hope Christie's sales go through the roof. What a great cover!

As for TX Dot, I'm furious they're wasting tax payer money on this frivolous suit. Badly done, TX Dot. Badly done.
Trish Mayfield said…
I have pre-ordered a copy for my Nook. Only disappointed that it didn't release on the same day.
sarah said…
Almost bought it e-style... but wanted it in my hands. it has left Indiana and I should have it tomorrow.
Good deal, Trish and Sarah. Hope you enjoy!

And I'm with you on that, Vicky! Thanks for your support!
Anne said…
Just got home with my copy of Don't Mess with Texas! Christie's books are auto-buys for me. Love them & love Christie - she is such a delight! Hope she sells many, many, MANY copies of this one!
Joni Rodgers said…
Bought and tweeted.

Hang in there, Christie!
That's an absurd lawsuit. Just absurd! I'm so glad to see your update, Colleen!

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