Now FeedMe: Sling Words by indie pub diva Joan Reeves

I'm on a learning binge, educating myself in preparation for a major push in my indie publishing endeavor. Last night Colleen and Bobbi turned me on to Joan Reeves' terrific blog, Sling Words. Having succeeded in both the traditional publishing world and as an indie author, Joan is a go-to girl whose advice packs a lot more weight and wisdom with a loss less anti-establishment rhetoric.

Look for Sling Words on the right in the Brave New Ebook World section.


I love that you are doing this, Joni. You're paving the way, as I see it, and what you're learning will be so valuable to those of us on this blog. I'm still holding out for "trad" (I hate that term, but there it is) publishing at least for the first book, but I'm definitely considering going the indie route in the future, and maybe even doing it SOON with my short fiction. My feeling is that if I have a lot of quality stuff, why on earth should I wait? But I AM waiting, at least until I get an agent. In the meantime, I love that you're going out there ahead and finding things out. Thanks again!
I've known Joan for years, and I'm continually impressed not only by her writing talent but her business savvy and especially her generosity. Glad you're finding Sling Words useful!
Oh, my! Since I'm a fan of this blog, I'm particularly flattered by the lovely comments. If you could see me, you'd see I'm blushing carnation pink!

Colleen, you know I'm a big fan of yours so I'm humbled by all the nice things you said.

Y'all keep boxing that octopus. Maybe one of these days, we'll have it beaten into submission.

Best wishes,
Joan Reeves
Thanks so much for the kind word, Joan! May your successes keep on rolling!
Dorothy Hagan said…
I cannot begin to tell you how helpful this is. I have been writing on and off for 16 years. My first novel was rejected for five long years. In 2000, I published with Iuniverse. It never hit the bigtime, but at least it was (and still is)available online.

I have just finished my 4th novel, and frankly, I can unflinchingly say it's pretty good. I am not sure I want to wait five years to see it in print. And honestly, the idea of prostrating myself before the "traditional" agents, publishers, etc, is daunting. I don't know what way I will go, but I truly appreciate this blog and this information.

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