Join me and Topo Gigio wishing Colleen a Happy Birthday (and buy her book while you're at it!)

Bust out the sopapilla cheesecake and the guitarron, it's Colleen's birthday! May I recommend giving yourself a present? If you scurry, you can get a copy of Colleen's fantasy epic The Night Holds the Moon (written with buddy Parke Roberts) on Kindle for just $1.99 this weekend. TNHTM is a story-telling, world-building tour de force. Magic flute! Wayward maiden in the opposite of distress! Dark Highlander Count just begging for a serious kick in the kilt!

Happy Birthday, Colleen, and a delicious reading weekend to all!


TJ Bennett said…
Happy Birthday, my friend! Eat cake because those calories don't count on your birthday.

And I got my copy! :-)
Kay Hudson said…
Your book is waiting on my invisible (and expanding) To Be Read shelf, but where do I download the sopapilla cheesecake???
Pat O'Dea Rosen said…
Happy Birthday, Colleen! This year's going to be good to you.
TessStJohn said…
Hope all your dreams come true...oh wait I forgot who I was talking to...hope all your good dreams come true!

Suzan Harden said…
Happy Birthday to my Jedi Master! If any Sith show up today, may you kick their asses.
Jeanna Thornton said…
Happy Birthday, buddy!! Your book is the first on my new Kindle that came today! Eat cake and get wild! It's your birthday!!
Happy Birthday Colleen! $1.99 for a great book written by you? How can I refuse?! It's now on my Kindle and I can't wait to read it :-)

Jo Anne said…
Happy Birthday, Colleen!! May the upcoming year bring such wonderful sales that you have to work your butt off - to find time to get to the bank with the royalty checks. :-)

Have a great one!!
Ruth said…
Happy Birthday. And my wish for you this year is
The muse that never fails you in your time of need, the constant flow of words, twists and turns and a best seller, maybe 2 or 3 and of couse many more contracts.
Sarah Andre said…
Have a GREAT birthday, Colleen! I hope that sopapilla means chocolate.
Bethany said…
Happy Birthday, Colleen! Hope it's filled with many blessings and fun :-)
staceyapurcell said…
Happy Happy Birthday to one of the nicest people I know!! Hope your day is filled with laughter, joy, and contentment. Big cyber smoochies!!!
Barbara said…
Happy Birthday, Colleen. With all the friends who've gathered here to celebrate, how could you not?

Birthday book sales and lovely, lovely good wishes? How could I resist? Thanks so much, Joni, TJ, Kay, Pat,
Tess, Suzan, Jeanna, Natalie, Jo Anne, Ruth, (pausing to breathe!), Sarah, Bethany, Stacey, and Barbara! You're all awesome, and I'm having a great day.
Christie Craig said…
Happy Birthday girl!!

Are you now older than me? Or did you catch up with me? LOL.

Doesn't matter, Happy Birthday!
Feliz cumpleaños, querida amiga, escritora de libros magníficos.
Jessica Trapp said…
Happy Birthday, Colleen!
Thanks so much, Christie, Jane, and Jessica!

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