The art of defining what you want to be

Recently stumbled upon this list I made 12 years ago in response to my first literary agent telling me: "You need to clearly define on paper what you want to be." I hope it will someday multi-task as my epitaph.
What I Want To Be

thoroughly loved
deliciously laid
consistently working
handsomely paid
smart in my business
true in my art
wise at the finish
brave at the start
occasionally humbled
appropriately proud
prone to be quiet
allowed to be loud
wholly welcome
sorely missed
predominantly peaceful
righteously pissed
rich without bitching
famous with reason
restful on Sabbath
productive in season
aware of my weakness
in awe of my power
profoundly grateful
alive every hour

An interesting meditative exercise. Give it a whirl. (It doesn't have to rhyme.)


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