Vote for Neal Pollack's SXSW panel "Self-Publishing: A Revolution For Midlist Authors?"

A while back, the NY Times featured a piece by Neal Pollack, who shared some thoughts on why he decided to indie pub his forthcoming novel, Jewball. Pollack has organized an interesting panel discussion for SXSW, Self-Publishing: A Revolution For Midlist Authors?, and I think it's going to be packed with substantial discussion that will benefit both established authors and those beginning careers in the brave new biz.

The panel, moderated by Carolyn Kellogg of the Los Angeles Times, features Neal, yours truly, Marty Beckerman (whose indie pubbed The Heming Way was recently optioned for film) and Joshua Tallent of Ebook Architects.

Per the PR:
Self-publishing's moment has arrived. Authors both famous and obscure are releasing their own ebooks,cutting out the middleman, bypassing the gatekeepers of a notoriously hard-to-break-into industry, and sometimes making huge profits. But it's midlist authors, established but not bestselling, who stand to benefit the most from the self-publishing boom. This panel, comprised of already-published authors who are either trying to or intending to self-publish, will examine the benefits, pitfalls, and potential of self-publishing, and will point the way toward a new self-reliant digital future for book writers.

Visit the SXSW Panel Picker to vote for Team Pollack!

Footnote: HarperCollins is currently offering Pollack's Stretch: The Unlikely Making of a Yoga Dude for 99 cents on Kindle.


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