Do You Need Self Control?

I don't. At least not when it comes to e-mail, Facebook (and its nefariously addictive one-minute "blitz" games), and other "social distractions" on the web. Fortunately, there's an awesome app for Mac called Self Control, which allows me to block any domains of my choosing for a set period of time. Whether I'm looking for 15 minutes or several hours of unbroken concentration, I set it and get writing. Once started, you cannot turn the thing off, not by exiting the program or even restarting the computer.

So you might as well just write.

The developer, artist Steve Lambert, said he created the app because he needed to free himself from distractions, and since then, he's distributed it freely. To visit his site and read about it, download the app, and leave a donation if you choose and find it helpful, visit Steve's site.

To see screenshots and read more about Self Control, visit this great blog review from

Thanks to BtO reader Ivan Pope, I can now add a link to a similar inexpensive program called Freedom, which is available for both Mac and Windows. You can get a trial version for free, or unlock and purchase for only $9.99. Judging from the number of writer endorsements on the website, it's a lifesaver, and quite the bargain, too!

Check out both programs today. The productivity you save may be your own!


ivanpope said…
I use Freedom. Available for Mac and Windows. Excellent and cheap product, a lifesaver.
Oh, that looks excellent! Thanks so much for sharing the link.

For $10, it's a bargain. I'm going to update my post to reflect this.
Barbara Sissel said…
I'm checking these tools out. Thanks for the heads up, Colleen and Ivan.
Sharon said…
What a great, and unfortunately, necessary idea. Thanks for sharing! I'm going to check this out.
Sharon said…
And yes, I am here checking e-mail and blog reading when my baby is napping--that should be time set aside just for writing! So obviously I need this!
And here *I* am, reading and responding to blog comments! LOL! Sounds like I need to fire up Self Control again!

Glad you found this helpful, Barbara and Sharon!

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