Top Ten Reasons New Orleans is the Hottest Place Ever to Set a Tale of Romantic Suspense

1. Above-ground tombs (thanks to the high water table) in beautiful old cemeteries like nowhere else on earth.

2. Voodoo, with its gris gris bags, its rich cross-cultural melange, and its powerful priestesses.

3. Loup garou, a.k.a. rougaroux, a werewolf-like creature once said to prowl the shadows.

4. Crumbling French Quarter mansions permeated with the soft scents of decay and magnolia.

5. Live oaks dripping with Spanish moss.

6. Chicory coffee and beignets, po boys, and a myriad of other mouthwatering delights.

7. Cajun hunks and Creole culture.

8. The mysterious, semi-seedy, distinctly-Southern vibe.

9. The music, art, and architecture.

10. The sense the history is all around you, a living entity.

And here's one more, a little lagniappe: The opportunity to open your romantic suspense with an image like this one from the opening of my brand new release Phantom of the French Quarter:
In an old French Quarter cemetery that cradled saints and sinners alike, dawn stained the slumbering fog bloodred. Layer after layer, it awakened, rising like the resurrected dead and swirling in soft eddies around the young woman cutting through it.

Look for the book in stores beginning Sept. 6th or download it from your favorite e-book seller today.

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Jeanna Thornton said…
It's on my Kindle...Can't wait to read!!!
Thanks so much, Jeanna! Hope you enjoy!
Barbara Sissel said…
I love this book! The story is compelling; the characters are layered and true, and the setting is so rich in detail, so well-drawn and haunting ... it is the axis on which this novel turns. I'm not even going to mention the dolls ... the ultimate creep factor!
Thanks so much, Bobbi. Those creepy little dolls still give me the shivers to think of. LOL :)

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