120 Days Till I'm So Effing 50! (Getting started with personal trainer William Rushforth III)

Diagnosed with a virulent blood cancer at 32, I was told it was unlikely I'd live more than five years. During chemo, one of my meditation visualizations was my 40th birthday. That was my goal. I just wanted my kids (ages 5 and 7 then) to be old enough to remember me, and I wanted to get one book published.

In 120 days, I'll turn 50. My kids are grown, and I've had over a dozen books published -- several of them NYT bestsellers. God is good. Life is amazing. And I am so effing FIFTY!

Okay, enough with the giddy. I'm celebrating my advent to the Power Decade by rebooting everything about my body -- fitness, fashion, inner beauty (as depicted in a mammogram), facial regime -- with the philosophy that this is a spa-fest of self care, not a bootcamp blast of self-improvement. So let the Fiftyness begin!

Getting started with my personal trainer, William Rushforth III, which is the greatest name ever for a personal trainer, right?

I'll be posting videos with Bill and more about my Effing 50 Countdown. To follow my progress, click "I'm So Effing 50" in the cloud tag at the top of the page.


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