The Girl With the Shakespeare Tattoo (finally launching my solo blog)

Finally got it together to launch the solo blog I've been working on. I'll still be blogging here at BoxOcto, but I've got a lot of stuff coming up and didn't want to be a blog hog about it.

The Girl With the Shakespeare Tattoo will feature some of the same stuff I post here -- books I love as a reader, thoughts on writing -- but more about my growing indie publishing endeavor and non sequitur artsy this and that.


Tina Moss said…
Good luck with the solo blog! Looking forward to reading it. :)
Love the look of the new blog, Joni! Best of luck with it, and thanks for doing some extra pitching in this week while I'm on the deadline hunt.
Mylène said…
The Tatt-ler tells all. Stretch out in your lovely new space!
Janet Little said…
Your new blog looks ever so elegant, Joni! Best of luck with it!

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