A disabled writer's book unfolds a tap at a time

I've been feeling seriously stressed and challenged lately. Reading this story of Peter Winkler, the biographer forced by disability to type out the biography of Dennis Hopper using a single chopstick, reminded me of just how precious our ability to communicate, to touch others through the written word, is. And of the lengths to which some courageous souls will go to achieve it.

Read this and ask yourself, if Peter Winkler didn't give up, how can you? Do you want to achieve your dream this badly? If not, maybe you should move on to the next.

A disabled writer's book unfolds a tap at a time


jink willis said…
ok, needed this today...don't mind rain--hate dreary cold...:D See?

yes, must be thankful and forge ahead!!! Thanks for the reminder post! jink
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