“Think Jane Eyre with rock’n’roll.” (new CRAZY FOR TRYING trailer)

Crazy for Trying

“Think Jane Eyre with rock’n’roll.” Houston Press

With the ghost of her infamous activist mother over her shoulder, Tulsa Bitters, zaftig, bookish and freshly orphaned, takes a westbound train, determined to reinvent herself. Mac White Wolf MacPeters, half Blackfoot and half raging Irish, hears her voice on the radio late one night, and before he can remind himself that he’ll never fall in love, he does.

In Montana in the 1970s, people aren’t accustomed to hearing a woman’s voice on the radio. But to Tulsa, far away from all the people who loved and hurt her, midnight rock’n’roll feels like home, especially once she finds out who's out there listening.

Crazy for Trying is a brave debut novel that fairly explodes with love-struck energy and sharp-tongued tenacity. Joni Rodgers loads up a tight circle of lovers, adversaries, dysfunctional family members and comically flawed friends, driving them down a fresh road through hard-earned love, a dangerous western solitude, and the old sexual politics.

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Barnes & Noble Discover Award finalist (1997)

“Terrific…a rollicking ride through emerging feminist sensibilities.” Billings Gazette

“A fresh pleasure…Rodgers writes unconventional love scenes that scorch the pages.” Orlando Sentinel

“Refreshing and provocative…” Houston Chronicle

“Truly captivating…Rodgers’ prose and style are unique.” Texas Books in Review

“Joni Rodgers can write sex scenes that’ll make your toes curl and your hair stand on end. At her best, her prose is dazzling, risky, and intoxicating, and at its heart, Crazy for Trying is an inspired debut.” Pam Houston, bestselling author of Cowboys Are My Weakness



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