What if Psyche & Eros were Texas trailer trash?

As children, Kit and Kiki Smithers performed and the Sugar Babes, but those glory days are long gone. All that remains are the blues the sisters sing as they cope with withering marriages, cheating spouses, lost opportunities, and the demands of motherhood.

Sugar Land is a verdant novel about the healing power of forgiveness, the seemingly impossible task of loving, the resilience of family ties, and what happens when a tornado meets a double-wide trailer house.

PMA Benjamin Franklin Award finalist (1999)

“Every character in this novel resonates with life. This talented author knows how to bring pen-and-ink people to flesh and blood fulfillment…poignantly authentic.” Southern Living

“Alternately wrenching and humorous…Rodgers’ strength is her knack for realistic characters…and a womanly wise, laugh-through-tears appreciation of life.” Publisher’s Weekly

“Richly appealing…” Library Journal “Bittersweet…priceless…” Chicago Tribune 

“Pure charm…compelling…full of humor and compassion. Sugarland is a delight to read, and Rodgers is a terrific discovery.” Tampa Tribune-Times


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