Writer/Moms are multi-tasking divas

In Anand Giridharadas' NYT op ed A New, Noisier Way of Writing, he reports that Jonathan Franzen is “doubtful that anyone with an Internet connection at his workplace is writing good fiction.”

Maybe he should check out a few "her" workplaces. The writer/moms I know are multi-tasking divas.

Fortunately, while I wrote my first two novels - Crazy for Trying and Sugarland - I had no internet. All I had was two small children, various day jobs, bill collectors, a cross-country move and blood cancer.

But twitter? Oh, no. Thank God, I didn't have to deal with the distraction of that. I’m such a hothouse flower.

I wrote about becoming a writer and other strange side effects of chemo in my third book, Bald in the Land of Big Hair.


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