100% of August royalties for HURRICANE LOVER will go to Red Cross

This seriously blows! On the anniversary of Katrina, New Orleans citizens are evacuating as Isaac roars into the Gulf.

I'm giving 100% of my August royalties for The Hurricane Lover to the American Red Cross. Please help me spread the word on Facebook and twitter.

The Hurricane Lover was inspired by my experiences volunteering with relief efforts after Hurricane Katrina. I also witnessed the amazing work of the Red Cross after Hurricanes Rita and Ike here in Houston. (Hey, that's life here on the Gulf Coast.)

While I was doing research for The Hurricane Lover, I became fascinated with the science behind these megastorms, and there's a lot of that in the book, but my real goal (beyond telling a good story) was to put human faces - the faces of lovers, parents, families, communities - on the Weather Channel forecasts and disaster updates.

A lot of story elements, including this heart-wrenching moment, are based on stories I heard from Katrina survivors in long FEMA lines outside the Reliant Center in Houston. When Hurricane Ike hit Houston, it was an incredible opportunity for me to actually go out and experience the sound and smell of hurricane force winds. This book was a soul project for me on so many levels. I would love to see it do some good and give a little back to my neighbors on the Gulf Coast.

Thanks for helping me spread the word.

Here's a link to The Hurricane Lover on Amazon.

Here's a link to it on Barnes & Noble.

And here's a link to make a donation directly to the Red Cross.


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