LAST MAN OUT OF EDEN by Dan Holloway

5.0 out of 5 stars gotta love a good kick in the head

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I'm addicted to little poetry books on Kindle, and this is an excellent one. It's gut-wrenching and neck-tightening in turns, hard to expose oneself to - which is often the case with truth. I just love this writer. I've met him only once in person, but he radiated an amazing energy, which made me go out and buy his books. Sure enough, he turns out to be an incredibly talented wordsmith. This book of poems brings that word to mind because it's exactly that sort of molten, pounding, clanging craftwork.

My favorite moment, from "Her Body":
She is not the sum of all who went before.
Her body's not a metaphor.
Her unkissed lips are not a funeral pyre,
Her gaping wrists are not the mouths of liars,
Her clitoris is not the primal fire
(the truth of it is infinitely higher.)

Yeah. It's like that pretty much throughout. I would love to hear Holloway perform some of these in person.


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